Renewable Energy Solutions Specializing in Off-Grid & Battery Backup solutions for projects of all shapes & sizes.

Extraordinary Savings

Solar Panels help you save money by reducing the amount of your electric bill. Tax incentives, low maintenance, and fantastic environmental benefits are all great reasons to invest in solar.

Superior Service

We order the equipment and products, take care of the permits, and professionally install the systems. The end products are professionally-designed solar systems.

Federal Tax Incentives

When you install a residential or commercial solar system in your home or business, you can apply for a tax credit for your investment in solar energy.

The choices we make today have a dynamic& sometimes unpredictable effect on our future.

The conventional methods of energy production have proven to have adverse consequences to our environment, causing problems such as climate change, pollution, and environmental disaster. For this reason, solar power is becoming a standard practice for home and business owners to supplement or completely replace their standard energy source. The Solar Stone’s goal is to provide you with energy you can live with.